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Online casinos are gaining popularity every day in quite a surprisingly swift mode. Several users have started pooling in, and it is no surprise. Some users need something to serve as a source of relief after a tedious day, while others have adopted this as a source of income.

Whichever, there is something every first-timer has issues with. They most times find it hard to understand the registration process. The best part is that you do not need to be tech-savvy; all you need is a personal computer or mobile phone and an internet connection. Then you can proceed with your Joo Casino registration.

Joo Casino registration for Aussies

At first, it might be hard to register in an online casino. You would be surprised that it is no more complicated than opening a Joo Casino new account on any other platform. However, it might be a bit different because, in online casinos, you have the possibility of winning money. Hence the need to place a bet, so you must enter a payment method.

You will need to choose the most convenient method, either a credit card or another payment method such as Paypal, Zelle, Skrill, or any other that the platform accepts.

Joo Casino Online RegistrationHow to Login in Account

The first thing you must know is that registration is completely free. On the main webpage, you will see the «Sign in» or «Sign up» button, easily located at the top. You will have to choose Joo Casino sign up because you are a first-timer on the casino platform. One-click on the sign-up button will take you to a new page in seconds. Once you’ve reached that page, you must register with your information.

It is a fundamental requirement that you must supply login details. It won’t take up to a minute to complete the registration process. Provide your email, password, and currency (there are even cryptocurrency options) to use.
You must also provide your name (first and last name), date of birth and gender. All of these must be provided before moving on to the next stage. Afterwards, you must choose your country and supply your address, postal codes, and phone numbers.

After that, you should accept the terms and conditions once you have completed the information by verifying you are 18years and above. You will be sent a confirmation mail to the email address you supplied.
Once the registration process has been completed, go to your email to start using your Joo casino new account. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to a page. This means you have fully registered. Next time you are trying to log into Joo online casino, you just need to click on the Joo casino sign in button once you open the website.

How To Carry Out Your Verification Process

Every online casino platform usually requests a verification process known as; Know Your Customer (KYC). You can find this on your Joo profile page.

This is to help protect you and other users. Don’t worry about providing this information as they are completely safe on our website. It won’t take up to a minute to complete.

The first step is to provide a means of primary Identity. You’ll be required to take a Selfie and send an ID copy. The means of identification include a passport, driver’s license, or other official documents that can be used in their place.

You are also expected to upload them in JPEG, PNG, and PDF. The maximum size is 2MB. If it is more, you’ll get an error message.

Secondly, you must provide an address. You will be required to provide either a utility bill, phone bill, or bank statement. They must contain your name and address in full. Ensure they are also uploaded in the same size as earlier mentioned.

Also, in addition, you are to prove your payment ability. It can be a screenshot or photo from an online bank, bank statement, Skrill page, etc. showing the deposit. Upload it the same as earlier explained.

Finally, you have to complete the phone verification process. Confirm your phone number and ensure it is correct. Once all the information is verified and confirmed, click on the «Verify» button.

How to claim a bonus at JooCasino

Before selecting a game to play, you can decide to make a deposit. Most people forget to do this first. But it is an essential step if you want to obtain the welcome bonuses that Joo online casino has to offer their new users.

First, look for the deposit icon as soon as you are logged in and ensure you can get the exclusive bonus with just one deposit. You will be taken to a page where you will see currency and available bonuses.

Recollect that you have chosen the currency you want to use on our platform; all you have to do is input the amount. Afterwards,  activate and select the bonus. Tick the «Use bonuses». Do this after reading the bonus term and conditions. Reading it will help you avoid making costly mistakes and errors that might cause you to lose your bonus. This offer can help boost your winnings, and you can even start earning with your bonus without touching your actual money yet.

Deposit by cryptocurrencies

Once you have chosen from the beginning the type of deposit system you would like to use as cryptocurrency, then input the value. Coinspaid is powering the Joo cryptocurrency payment system.

You’ll notice an Address. It is your cryptocurrency deposit address. All payments made to this address will be credited to your Joo casino new account shortly.

You can send any amount of ETH. Remember to add the miner fee to the address displayed below. Just copy this address to avoid making mistakes. Click on the «Copy address» option.

Deposit by credit card

This process is similar to when you are making an online purchase. For example, if you intend to use a credit card payment, whether it is VISA or MasterCard. These are the most commonly used by players. When you enter the deposit option, follow the information displayed on the page.

Ensure you follow through with selecting «Use bonuses» to grab your reward. Remember also to read the terms and conditions attached.

Add extra security to your account

Visit your profile and turn on the two-factor authentication. Install a code-generating app on your phones, such as Google Authenticator or Authy. Either scan the QR code or enter the code you received in the space provided. After, click on «Turn on». That’s it, your data is protected!